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Denktaş Intends to Run in Presidential Elections

North Cyprus News - VoteThe presidential elections will take place on 11 October and the election bans come into force on 12 August.

Candidates for the presidential elections can apply on the 4 September and once the candidates have been approved they will be declared on 14 September.

The presidential elections scheduled to take place on 26 April were postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The last presidential elections were held in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2015.

BRT also reports that MP for the Democrat Party (DP) Serdar Denktaş  has announced that he intends to be a candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Making his announcement in Nicosia, Denktaş recalled that he had announced in January 2020 that he would not be a candidate for the April 2020 presidential elections, he added however, that conditions had changed since then.

I am the son of the Founding President. It is not possible for me to harm his political legacy even if I conflict with him because of the morals I believe. I wanted to see the other candidates. There is a need for an alternative stance against the candidates who do not see any other option than a comprehensive federal solution. The electors know that  political interests are not personal but communal at the presidential elections. I, therefore, announce that I will be a candidate for the 11th of October 2020 election.”



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