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Denktaş Family Remember Raif Denktaş

The son of the founding President Rauf Denktaş, former deputy, lecturer and musician Raif Denktaş, was commemorated on the 32nd anniversary of his death. Raif Denktaş died in a road traffic accident in 1985. His family and friends attended the memorial ceremony held on Tuesday morning in the Nicosia Cemetery. Raif’s mother Aydin Denktaş was unable to attend because she was in poor health.

Raif Denktaş’ brother, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş, pointed to the increasing number traffic accidents during his brief speech at the commemoration ceremony and stated that he was not only responsible for the government, but also the citizens.

Since Raif Denktaş lost his life, his brother Serdar noted that there has been an increase in traffic accidents since 1985. He said, “Despite the improvements in roads, fatal accidents are increasing. We can save many lives on the road, not by blaming everything on the state and governments, but by protecting each other, by being watchful, careful and respectful [on the road].

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