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Citizenships awarded for political gain: says TDP leader

The head of the Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Cemal Ozyigit, yesterday issued a press statement on the issue of citizenship awards.

He said that his party was against granting these on an arbitrary basis. He claims that since the ruling UBP government came to power in 2009, they have awarded 5,200 citizenships. He further claims that these were done to deliberately buy votes for the UBP.

His party is against these awards, given that there are many people living in the TRNC who have been living here for more than 20 years but still do not have citizenship.

He then criticised the Minister for the Interior, Nazim Cavusoglu’s recent statement that the current population was not sufficient for economic expansion and that the government would be awarding more people with citizenship.

Mr Ozyigit pointed out that there were thousands of young unemployed people who were becoming an increasing strain on health and other services.

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