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Car smuggling gang in court

A gang that smuggled cars into the TRNC from South Cyprus, then sold the dismantled parts to Egypt was in court yesterday.

A police team from Nicosia, acting on a tip off, raided a scrap metal merchant in Haspolat.

Three cars were seized during the raid but with no registration plates and chassis numbers removed.

However police managed to identify the cars and have proved that they were smuggled in from the South. They are claiming that over the last 3 years the gang has processed some 200 cars.

Police inquiries have now widened and they are looking for a number of suspects.

Three members of the gang appeared in Nicosia court yesterday, Haluk Kasap, Cemile Minnos and Muhammed Ahmet (Egyptian). They have all made voluntary statements but a number of cars have yet to be found.

They will all be detained while police inquiries continue.

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