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Car of Missing Gambler Found in Alsancak

The car of a Greek Cypriot man, who has been reported as missing, was found in Alsancak near a military area, last Saturday. Reportedly, his wallet, identity card and cash had been left in the car.

Solomos Apostolides (65) crossed over with his car into the TRNC at the Astromerit border crossing point last Wednesday. According to his brother, Kypros Koysides, Apostolides would cross the border every day to meet someone and go to a casino in Kyrenia.

Apostolides’ brother said that he was last seen on Kyrenia Kordonboyu. He also claims that the man who he always met, had left the country. Koysides said that he is very concerned for his brother’s life.

The Greek Cypriot police, on Saturday, issued a missing persons notice.


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