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EL-SEN strike shock

The electricity workers union EL-SEN have publicly announced that they will be going on strike from 14.30 today, until the end of their shift. EL-SEN head Caglayan Cesurer said that this was a warning strike to the Council of Mnisters.

The Council of Ministers are meeting today to resolve the issue of the outstanding non-payment of the electricity bills of BRT and the Near East University.

Mr Cesurer declared that even though his members had cut off electricity to the Near East University because of non- payment of bills, they had been reconnected illegally. He had also heard that the ministers intended to write off some 70% of the BRT bills. This short strike should be regarded as a warning he said. If the ministers decided to ‘solve’ the overdue bills by reducing them, then there would be far more serious strikes starting next week.

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