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Boat Sunk to Boost Tourism

Boat Sunk to Boost Tourism

October 27
12:12 2017

A decommissioned Turkish coastguard boat was sunk off Oris beach between the Merit and Denizkizi hotels to provide a wreck for divers to explore.

The vessel, which is around 35 metres long, was sunk 300-340 metres offshore to a depth of 40 metres.

All the relevant ministries had given their approval and the Ministry of Finance funded the project.

The coast guard ship was towed from Kyrenia harbour by Turkish Cypriot Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue tugboat ‘Mücahit’ to the site. Divers opened the sea-cocks on the vessel while tourists and people on nearby boats looked on with great interest.

Alsancak Mayor Fırat Ataser said that this was the first of such projects to take place in North Cyprus. He pointed out that in South Cyprus a ship named ‘Zodiac’ which had been sunk years ago, was visited by diving enthusiasts every year. An enterprise which contributes 7 million euros annually to tourism, he said.

The mayor suggested that a similar project could be undertaken in Famagusta Bay.