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Ancient Artefacts Found in Famagusta Village

Archaeological excavations of an ancient tomb in the village of Alaniçi, Famagusta district, have unearthed one Phoenician Wine Ampoule, two Wine Tests (Oinochoe), two bowls, one oyster shell lamp and one Amphoroid test.

The tomb, which was carved out of the rock had collapsed.

The TRNC Department of Antiquities and the Museums said that the finds, which date back 2,500 years, have been sent to the laboratory for examination.

The artefacts were part of grave goods left for the dead, according to traditions of the time. Additionally, two skeletons, laid out, side by side, were found in the tomb.

Supervising archaeologist for the Ancient Artefacts and Heritage Office Gazimagusa Branch Hasan Tekel, said that there were many Iron Age graves in and around the village.

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