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Albank Promises HSBC Customers Improved Service

Albank General Manager and Board Member Ahmet Melih Karavelioğlu has said that they will continue using the same passwords and account cut-off dates in the former branches of HSBC in the TRNC. Albank recently took over HSBC branches in the TRNC.

Karevelioğlu said that they have started to acquire ING Bank proving that they are a brand, by taking over two international banks within one year.

He said, “We are able to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level for us because our customers are talking about a number of problems in the quality of service received from HSBC …

“We have good staff for Albank, and now we are adding young people to the banking sector for [former branches of] HSBC. We now have 85 staff; we started with just five people”.

Kibris Postasi

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