Air Traffic control strike looms

Air traffic controllers union, HTKS, have threatened strike action if staff promotions are not implemented by the year end.

The head of the union, Cem Kapisiz, said that employees have been studying hard to obtain professional degrees but have remained unrewarded for their efforts. He pointed out that the lives of thousands of air travellers depend on the skill and dedication of his members.

The morale of the workers is low, he added, because of the general economic climate and the holding back of promotions by the Public Services Commission. He said that the commission had not met for weeks as a result of the political conflict surrounding the Prime Minister.

Kapisiz warned that each and every one of his members who merited it, must be promoted by the end of 2012, or a strike would take place. This action could cause chaos for travellers and undermine efforts by the TRNC to bolster its tourist industry.


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