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$8 million worth of narcotics stolen from courthouse in Diyarbakir

$8 million worth of narcotics stolen from courthouse in Diyarbakir

October 10
08:43 2012

A heavily guarded courthouse in Diyarbakir, Turkey had evidence stolen on Monday (8th Oct). A seizure of narcotics including 115kg of heroin, 20,000 illicit tablets and more than 120kg of marijuana were found stolen, worth approximately $8m in total.

The drugs were from a combination of smuggling busts in the area and were being held in purpose built containers in the basement levels of the facility.

With hundreds of security cameras and multiple visitor checkpoints outside the building, it was regarded as one of the countries best protected facilities. Officials were stunned to find the collection missing and an enquiry is underway.

Thirteen employees of a private subcontractor firm responsible for cleaning the premises have been detained for questioning in addition to the police officers in charge of security for the building at the time. The arrests come as part of a wider investigation into a string of thefts from the building where the illicit drugs were replaced with other materials such as flour being used to replace heroin during thefts.