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Turkish Cypriot wins best photographer award in international competition

9 October 2017

North Cyprus News - Photography competition

The photographs of five Turkish Cypriot photographers were deemed worthy of the “2017 Ibrahim Zaman 6th International Photography Contest” organised by Mersin Olba Photography Association.

North Cyprus News - Mustafa EvirgenTurkish Cypriot photographers Mustafa Evirgen (photo), Adem Kavaz, Tevfik Ulual, Hasan Bağlar and Emel Sefer were awarded prizes at a ceremony held in Mersin on the weekend. Mustafa Evirgen won the “best photographer” award in the competition which received 4,112 photographs and where 148 awards were given.

Adem Kavaz, Hasan Bağlar and Emel Sefer were awarded an honourable mention by the Mersin Olba Association.