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Turkey’s demand for the four freedoms burdens the talks: Kasoulides

17 March 2017

The Cyprus issue was the focus of the meeting between Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides and the UK Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan met at the UK Foreign Office on Thursday.

The two ministers discussed the future of the stalled Cyprus negotiations, the significance of an acceptable agreement for the Greek Cypriots on the issues of security in a reunified island and Turkey’s recent demand that Turkish nationals enjoy the four fundamental EU freedoms in Cyprus.

After the meeting, Kasoulides said the talks had been temporarily suspended. He explained to Sir Alan that “the temporary suspension was a storm in teacup and that the reasons were not reasons that would not allow the meetings to resume.

We also discussed the unthinkable burden on the talks suddenly imposed by this demand for the four fundamental freedoms for Turkish citizens. We are working for the benefit of the Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots; for a state of our own which will be working for the interests of our people. We feel no obligation whatsoever to seek ways of satisfying third parties’ interests,” he said.

Sir Alan Duncan tweeted that “with continued commitment and political will, an historic solution to the Cyprus problem is possible. Great talks with Cypriot FM Kasoulides.”

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  • turkishcypriot

    Now that Turkey is playing hard ball Greek Cypriots and EU went into defensive. Why Greek Cypriots and the EU are so desperate for a settlement in Cyprus? Theoretically speaking even if Greek Cypriots were to agree to all our demands which I don’t believe they will, we should never consider a federal Cyprus with the Greek Cypriots. Why do they still think that it is not all over.

    • Qovaq

      They don’t want to lose their “Greek” Cyprus. All they do is sing sad Greek Cyprus songs.

      • turkishcypriot

        I like the sad songs part.

    • Louis

      Suggest you read the latest on the state of the economy in the occupied areas??

      • turkishcypriot

        What occupied areas are you talking about. As to the economy, the economy of the whole world is in decline and TRNC is not an exception. The remedies suggested will be implemented soon. How about the bailed out by the EU South Cyprus economy and the billions you owe to Germany.

      • aytotro

        What talks …there should be no talks with the lying greeks .This is what Anistasis said…g. This is not a matter for any special adviser, or even the EU. If there is a risk to the Greeks of Cyprus from a demand that could alter the demographics on the island, no third party can impose acceptance or compromise,” he said. “Therefore, there is no need to ask what any third party thinks. In the end, the decision is for the Greeks of Cyprus to make, in a referendum.”
        So no effing talks …beware of gift bearing greeks ..