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Turkey goes to the polls again today

Turkey goes to the polls again today

November 01
11:13 2015

Polling stations opened across Turkey this morning as the country goes to vote in a snap election. The ruling AKP government failed to gain a majority in the election on 7th June and unable to form a coalition with any of the other parties, opted to go to the country once again.

President Erdogan, who is uncomfortable with the idea of power sharing, claimed that he would respect the results of the 1st November election. “ Together, we will all respect the the result that emerges from the ballot boxes. But when we look at societies in the world where stability and confidence exist, we don’t tend to see coalition governments; rather, we see single-party governments, whether it is one party or another,” he said.

Plagued by terrorist bombings in Ankara and the south-eastern part of Turkey, anti-government media gagging, harsh crackdowns on civil unrest, accusations of corruption and the weakening of its judiciary, Turkey’s road to democracy has become increasingly rocky in the past few years.