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Turkey begins seismic surveys offshore Cyprus today

21 April 2017


Turkey has announced that it will send Seismic Search Ship ‘Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasa’ to Cyprus in response to Greek Cypriot unilateral natural gas operations. The Greek Cypriot Administration claimed that it was contrary to international law to conduct seismic exploration of Turkey in this area.

Turkey has issued a notification to mariners (Navtex). A wide range of seismic surveys were scheduled to begin between 21 April and 30 June.

The ‘Barbaros Hayreddin’ will be accompanied by support ship ‘Bravo Supporter’.

The Greek Cypriot government has threatened to give the necessary response based on international law if the Turkish seismic search vessels arrive in the region and begin operations.

The Greek Cypriot Administration, which is planning to conduct a very large field seismic survey, including the so-called Greek Exclusive Economic Zone, off Famagusta in TRNC territorial waters, believes that the implementation of this would mean violation of sovereign rights.

Turkey opposes the unilateral natural gas drilling that will be launched by the Greek Cypriot side in July because the Turkish side also has the right to natural resources.

The TRNC’s oil exploration rights are have been awarded to the Turkish Petroleum Corporation.



  • Chris Andrew

    Bark how much you like nobody listens except turkish dictatorship

    • Hulahoop

      Says the facist.

  • Chris Andrew

    Your fishing boat is out? Dont expect to find gas , we already found ours, your boat is just splashing around for show and some photos, cannot find crap about gas

  • John Grundey

    Can see it from our roof!

  • turkishcypriot

    I’ll tell you who this Nicos guy actually is. He has been on this forum under different names, the previous one being Akritas. He belongs to a fascist organization and his mission is to spread his poisonous propaganda whichever means he can. He is ENOSIS supporter and he’s been advocating GC Majority rule, but actually this is another way they chose to achieve their ambition ENOSIS. This majority rule is nothing else but ENOSIS from the back door. He is not on this forum to put across his point of view or to have a good conversation. We all know that he is just nuisance.

    • Nicos

      Wow. So any GC who doesn’t believe in Partition or Apartheid in Cyprus is a fascist Enosis supporter? I don’t know who this Amrita’s bloke is as I’ve never seen any posts from him. I believe in a united Cyprus under a federal structure with the president always a GC. What we are offering the TCs is something Turkey will never offer the Kurds. You need to accept your place as a constituent state within Cyprus and stop wanting rotating presidency.

    • GJo

      Please read my response to Nicos yesterday under the GJo heading, Bob Geldorf post. Nicos is nothing but a despot who likes to spill out poison at every juncture. He is not intelligent enough to comment in a civilised constructive manner….. at best Nicos a bigot and a racist.

  • MountainMan

    The Turkish Cypriots have a right to share in the natural resources of Cyprus, however Turkey does not.

    • Qovaq

      We have no navy, Turkey does, so we asked it to protect our rights, just as we did in 1974. You should know better.

      • MountainMan

        One should never be too trusting.

        • Hulahoop

          Diatruatin Turkey is like Girne Turka distrusting Magusa Turks. There is no difference.

  • Geoffreys

    Nicos is all talk and no action. He won’t dare and in any case has not the resources to do anything about it.

    • Chris Andrew

      No action needed ,you are just cruising around for no reason spending gas rather than finding some…we all know that ship is not capable to find anything due to its old technology

  • maxbarnes

    The knowledge is endless.

  • Hassman

    Now let’s see who backs down. GC say that they will respond haha I don’t think so. Turkey is waiting for you to do just that respond. Over to you Nicos let’s hear your rubbish.

    • Nicos

      Your ship is just going there for show and nothing else. Agreement has been reached with proper International companies like Exxon mobile. The international troublemaker Turkey will have to start a war or leave with its tail between its legs like the last time. This is not 1974 when 50 million populated Turkey waited for Coup in little Cyprus to show it brave face. Satisfied with this “rubbish” or do you want more?

      • Devonian


        • Qovaq

          Nickerless is also humourless when the tables are turned.

        • Nicos

          Very clever of you. Zzzzzzzzzz

      • Qovaq

        Turkey did not back down, it was Anustasiades that backed down, so Barbarossa went back to port. Now Anustasiades is brave again, it’s come back and it’s you lot that are issuing threats.

        • Nicos

          Really? Little Cyprus threatening 80 million Turkey! Why do you people always play the victim. Embarrassing.

          • Qovaq

            Nickerless, we don’t play the victim. It’s you, always somebody elses fault, always the victim

          • Nicos

            Yes you do always play the victim. GCs are stealing the gas, GC got into the EU, GCs got direct flights…And so it goes on. Stand on your own two feet and stop running to Turkey every minute.

      • Kibristan


      • Hassman

        Keep going. I do like a good laugh on a Friday and your one of the best comics I know.

        • Nicos

          Not surprised. You people have no sense of humour. It’s all about turkiye and who has the most flags in their house.