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TRNC promotions as a holiday destination paying off

20 March 2017

North Cyprus News - Kyrenia Harbour

North Cyprus is becoming better recognised as a tourist destination after participation in a number of international tourism fairs, Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu has said.

Evaluating the promotional events carried out in aid of drumming up more tourists to the country and the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair, a written statement issued by his ministry said that North Cyprus was promoted with a very successful stand at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair and was designated as one of the top ten stands out of the 187 countries that took part in the fair.

Our country is being promoted at fairs with prestigious reputations and we are gaining appreciation and winning awards. North Cyprus has begun to be perceived as a tourism destination and as a rival in the sector,” said the Tourism and Environment Minister and added that they took part in the fair with 50 tourism institutions and civil society organisations.

Explaining that they had held a variety of consultations after the fair and that alternative tourism opportunities promoted had paid off, Ataoglu said that because of the right promotional techniques, people living in Europe were starting to perceive the TRNC as an attractive holiday destination.

Noting that as the Tourism and Environment Ministry they had taken part in over 20 fairs and promotional events, Ataoglu said that despite the isolations and political embargoes, they were promoting the TRNC in the best possible way, developing tourism in the country and trying to bring tourists from different markets.

Explaining that they had increased promotional activities in a country like Iran and in the Middle East, the Tourism and Environment Minister said they wanted to increase the number of tourists, that’s why they were searching for new markets.

The ministry is working on new campaigns for Scandinavian countries and searching for new markets, he said.



  • Walker

    it is sad that many non north cyprus travel agencies have been blackmailed, pressurised and whatever to cease trading and promoting holidays in the North. Mercury Holidays appear, as the only main british company, to have quietly stopped trading in the North. They were also the only company which offered non single supplements for solo travellers, now much missed.

  • paddy

    Now there must be a concerted effort to clean the place up.

  • Qovaq

    The Greeks have persevered with what they call the “long struggle” to demoralise the TC’s through embargoes into submission and surrender.
    We must also persevere with our own long struggle for recognition. These tourist numbers are an indication that our own long struggle is starting to pay dividends.
    People are beginning to see through the Greek lies and propaganda.

  • Terry

    I must agree speaking to hoteliers and businessmen they have had an amazing winter and its carried on. I have never seen so many coaches as the airport or in the kyrenia car park. Most seem to be Germans. Long may it reman so I think they come north to see the real Cyprus.