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TRNC minimum wage always below cost of living

20 January 2015

The minimum wage in the TRNC is one of the most frequently discussed issues as it has been diminishing ever since the TRNC’s establishment.

According to research by ‘Kibris Postasi’ which has evaluated the data given on the official websites of State Planning Organisation (DPÖ), Labour Office and Parliament, in the last 31 years, during all government periods, the minimum wage has remained below the cost of living rates.

The biggest drop in the minimum wage was in January 1995 during Hakkı Atun’s government, which saw a decrease of 127% compared to the cost of living.

Speaking to ‘Kıbrıs Postası’, KTAMS Organisation Secretary Devrim Barçın said that the situation was contrary to the principle of the minimum wage.

Source Kibris Postasi