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Talks should not be derailed by fanatics in the south: Soyer

18 March 2017

North Cyprus News - Ferdi Soyer

We have been deceived by a group of fanatics in south Cyprus” member of opposition party CTP and former prime minister Ferdi Soyer, has said.

It is time for the Turkish Cypriot side to undertake initiatives by reviewing its stance at the negotiating table and take steps to pave the way to restart the Cyprus talks.

Soyer told state broadcaster Bayrak, that the decision of the Cyprus House of Representatives regarding the commemoration of the 1950 plebiscite in schools was “sabotage by the fanatics in south Cyprus who worried about the continuation of the Geneva Conference” and knew very well how the Turkish Cypriots would react.

Soyer added that the reaction of the Turkish Cypriot leadership and all the political parties was justified, but they should examine how they communicate this reaction and undertake an initiative for the resumption of the talks on the basis of the 11 February 2014 document.

Finally, he said that statements saying that the goal of creating a federal Cyprus was bankrupt were “dangerous” and said that we should get use to listening each other.

Kibris Postasi


  • chris cy

    Fanatic is your Sultan who wants to make cyprus another one county of his Erdoyanistan..

  • turkishcypriot

    We always new that CTP is a pro Greek party. Hasn’t Turkey made it very clear that it won’t allow Turkish Cypriots to be governed by the Greek Cypriots and the EU. Do you still believe that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots can live together, because nobody does any more. Leave this mentality that the Creek Cypriots are your compatriots. They hate us. Come to terms accepting that.

    • Akritas

      Rubbish. We regard you like orphans who need a good family to take care of you. Once you accept your minority status all your problems will go away.

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        re you lost your lolly pop aging

      • Hulahoop

        Just except that we won the war like we always do against you and we won’t take the rest of cyprus via syrian refugees lol. You’re quite a looser aint you.

  • maxbarnes

    Perhaps 2 separate Federal States should be agreed to conclude these timeless and pointless talks.This happens in other parts of the World and is likely to happen with 4 F.S. in UK.

  • turkishcypriot

    My first reaction to Ferdi Soyer’s statements is, don’t be a traitor. Federal Cyprus is exactly what the Turkish Cypriots don’t want.

    • Steven Roberts

      So what do they want. A total takeover by the glorious Motherland?

      • turkishcypriot

        Why do you think we want something and definitely not from the Greek Cypriots. What we want is justice. And going to bed with the Greek Cypriots is not an answer.

        • Akritas

          You are being offered concessions that Turkey will never offer the Kurds. Except your minority status & rejoin the civilised world.

          • aytotro

            Youre a Levantine arab….so lucky the ottomans allowed you in cyprus ….arab with shoes …

      • Hulahoop

        Yes i would prefer to be ruled by another Turk than a Greek

    • aytotro

      Soyer shut youre gob……..