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Surveys reveal possible gas deposits offshore Zafer Burnu

30 October 2017

North Cyprus News - Deepsea Metro 2 - drilling platform

The surveys of seismic research vessel ‘Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa’ have revealed that there could be deposits of natural gas off Zafer Burnu, Karpaz. It is reported that Turkey is preparing to send a drilling platform to the area in December or early next year.

Reportedly Turkey has purchased state-of-the-art drilling platform Deepsea Metrol 2’ (main photo), however, the Turkish Cypriot press reports that Turkey is still looking to buy a platform.

It is certain that any drilling offshore Cyprus by Turkey will provoke reactions from the Greek Cypriot authorities who recently claimed a bloc of sea area offshore the north of the island to be part of their EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone.)

However, an opinion piece in Cyprus Mail has dismissed this as a “showboating” ploy ahead of the south’s presidential elections next year.

Havadis, Cyprus Mail