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South grants third round of exploration licences to international energy companies

19 March 2017

North Cyprus News - Gas_rig_Leviathan

The Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers has been notified of the signing of a contract with the companies that won the third round of hydrocarbon exploration licenses for blocs 6, 8and 10 in the “Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)” declared unilaterally by Southern Cyprus.

According to Greek Cypriot daily ‘Simerini’, Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotripis said details will be announced very soon after the Ministerial Council announced the date of signing the contract with the Exxon Mobil-Qatar Petroleum consortium, ENI and ENI-Total, on April 5 and 6.

Upon reminding that the ENI authority mentioned the possibility that a gas field similar to the Zohr in Egypt could be found in the “EEZ”, Lakkotripis stated that it was topped with the approval of the Banks Board.

Lakkotripis said that the signing of the contracts would give the South Cyprus state103.5 million euros.

Referring to drilling, Lakkotripis explained that besides the seismic survey in bloc 11, ENI is planning two drilling operations but it is not clear in which blocs.

Lakkotripis stated that they are aiming at drilling in bloc and having at least two more test drilling done before the end of the year.

Asked if there were concerns about any negative response from the Turkish authorities to the planned drilling operations, he said he wanted to disregard geopolitical provocations and stick to their goals.

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  • MrH

    Well done to the Greek Cypriots for continuing to Mind their own Business and completely mocking our Turkish Cypriot Republic and the UN Talks. This is clear proof that the Cyprus talks are a joke for the Greek Cypriots and that they never take it seriously. Akinci would be better paid by being sent to all the OIC and Turkic countries than waste time on these UN based Federal talks which are clearly mocking and delaying our very freedom of self determination. When is the TRNC going to wake up. The Greek Cypriots are empowered by the UN and EU as being the SOLE Administrators of the ENTIRE island. the only was forward is for Northern Cyprus to be annexed by Turkey. Only then would the MACRO Political stage regarding Cyprus be taken seriously. Until then, we might as well congratulate the Greek Cypriots for being ignorant as that’s the true politics of Cyprus.

  • Akritas


    Licences were signed by the UN recognised & EU member state The Republic of Cyprus which has the legal juristiction under International Law to sign such contracts.

    • Hulahoop

      Nah just accept Turk law as UN is a failed organisation. Except all the EU to be under Turk jurisdiction and you will feel soo much better.

    • Hulahoop

      We’ll save you from the EUs emerging Nazism.