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Refugees rescued off Akrotiri coast

Refugees rescued off Akrotiri coast

October 21
10:53 2015

Two boats carrying over a hundred refugees from Syria arrived on the island on Wednesday morning.

They were sighted off the coast of Akrotiri at around 6.30am and were escorted back to the shore by the South Cyprus coast guard.

“The two vessels were spotted this morning and we are now in the process of attending to their needs,” SBA Police’s Acting Chief Superintendent George Kiteos told state radio on Wednesday morning. “The number of persons has been counted and recorded. The boats were carrying over a hundred persons.”

“They have received first aid and they all appear to be in good health. We have already alerted all the other necessary services. They appear to have come from nearby Syria.”

Cyprus has received hundreds of refugees from Syria so far who are being housed at various camps throughout the island.