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North Nicosia scheduled to get Turkish water supply in October

7 September 2015

The Turkish funded project to annually bring 75 million cubic meters of water from Turkey to the TRNC with pipelines has been completed.

According to Onder Sennaroglu, TRNC Minister of Agriculture, their target is to provide water to the community as of 28th October 2015 and supply the entire TRNC by the end of the year. He noted that they will work to supply water for agricultural use in 2016, and that in 2016, the water will be supplied to Guzelyurt and other areas.

He pointed out that providing water to the Guzelyurt area is important, as the producers are facing a problem due to the salinization of underground water. He noted that their aim is to desalinate this water.

The government’s target is for the water to be supplied in October, firstly to North Nicosia. 52% of the conveyance pipelines on shore have been completed.

38 million cubic meters will be used as drinking water after being treated at a sewage plant to be built in the north of the island. The other 37 million cubic meters will be used in agriculture.

Kibris Gazetesi