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New open air archaeological museum to be built

18 March 2017

North Cyprus News - Archaeological site

An archaeological open-air museum is to be built in Tatlisu with the cooperation of the International Cyprus University (UKU) and the Archaeological Cultural Heritage Conservation Centre.

Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture will submit a draft design for the museum.

The project will contribute to the study and recording of ancient settlements in Cyprus and will preserve its cultural heritage for future generations.



  • Saturn

    Well Cyprus has never been Greek. It was first recorded as being settled by the Mycenians in 11th century BC. Their history is sufficiently diverse to classify them as separate from what we know as Greek. Modern Greece did not form until 1821 when they declared independence although not officially formed until 1829. Even then, it did not include many of the now Greek islands with the southern and eastern islands not joining until as late as 1949. Since the Mycenians, Cyprus has largely been ruled by Egypt, Persian, Roman and Otterman cultures. The latter by far the longest ruler in the last 2 millennia. They got bored with it and sold it to the British in the early 1800’s who gave it independence.

    Salamis as it is now was built by Constantius II, a Roman emperor.

    Undoubtedly given its location, Cyprus has been a multicultural trading post and its government has changed many times. Bloodlines have surely been mixed well. Throughout history, the ‘locals’ have been identified as Cypriots without a precursor which is what my good friends in both the North and the south call themselves. If true Cypriots can form a better relationship without the hate preached by some on here and learn and build trust, then maybe there is a way forward. After all, you are not born hating someone, it has been instilled by doctrine and if you were born after 1974 this is the case.

    Otherwise a two state solution as now is best.

  • Akritas

    Salamis Cyprus

    “The public buildings uncovered at the city site of Salamis date to the post-Classical period. The Temple of Zeus Salaminios, whose cult was established, according to tradition, by Teucer himself, must have existed since the foundation of the city; the extant remains date to the late Hellenistic period. Early excavators discovered in the esplanade of the Temple of Zeus an enormous marble capital carved on each side with a caryatid figure standing between the foreparts of winged bulls.”

    To TMT Supporters: HELLENISTIC means Greek & not Roman.

  • Akritas

    Thats very nice. A museum in N Cyprus built & paid for by the Turks filled with Greek artefacts. I’m sure Denktash would not approve!

    • houd

      Typical arrogance and blinkered bile from you. Bronze age artefacts are not Greek, and the first settlers (YES – SETTLERS) from what is now mainland Greece were not Greek – there was no Greece back then. Many so- called Greek artefacts on Cyprus plainly look Roman – because they are. Deal with it, loser!

      • Akritas

        Unbelievable!!! Another brainwashed TMT supporter trying to belittle the long & proud Greek history of Cyprus. Cyprus was first settled by GREEKS from mainland GREECE 3000 years ago!!! Greece existed back then as CITY STATES & not one unified country but still GREEK populated.
        The old Turkish fascist lie comes out again that most artefacts are Roman & not Greek. This is because Turks are ashamed of the cultural & historical wealth of Greeks so they hide behind “Roman”. Read up real history books & you will see that most artefacts in W Turkey & Cyprus are GREEK & not Roman!! Childish imbecile.

        • houd

          Today, I can see the coast of Turkey. Sometime during the Bronze Age people sailed, rowed and bailed their way to this Island from that coast. They could see the mountain which is my home.

          In those days, boats were small and did not venture far. The technology did not exist to sail for 1000km from that piece of land which according to some was known to be Greece by dinosaurs (such transparent drivel).

          Later, traders from that faraway land made it here, with their revolutionary potters wheels and stayed, as did travellers, traders, refugees and wanderers from all over the Levant. Cyprus was a crossroads and staging point between Europe and Africa.
          Europeans wanted African stuff but it was a long journey and a scary place, so they met with dhows carrying exotic stuff in Cyprus ports. The dhows went home with gold and Cyprus copper.
          This is not propaganda, just history, so Akritas should pull his head out of his a**e and read something other than narrow Greek-centric trash.

          Some on this island speak Greek (badly and with a thick accent) and reckon they descend directly from Greek Gods and Philosophers.
          Others tell the truth.

          • Akritas

            Mass migration to Cyprus began in the late Bronze Age & that migration was Greeks from Greece. The history of Cyprus since the days of antiquity has been Greek. Rulers came & went but the people were still Greek.
            Get over it & accept real history & not the fake history you were taught by Denktash.

          • houd

            So everything was greek before Greece existed. Ha ha!
            All civilisation was greek. Yeah – whatever.
            The Roman empire was Greek. The Pyramids at Giza are Greek. The Sea People were Greek (that is possible but not certain).
            Constant Drivel.

            Cyprus has sites and artefacts predating the late bronze age – non Greeks from the earliest recorded times.

            The history of Cyprus is multicultural, as reflected by its many rulers.

            Only inbred descendants of many times conquered peasants could believe otherwise. Only a descendant of inbred peasants could employ the name Akritas – after a murderous plot to annihilate non greek cypriots. Remind us – what is the origin of the word xenophobia?

            ‘Rulers came and went’ certainly ‘but the people were still Greek’ ludicrous. The only thing which kept your narrow family tree alive was this influx of genetic material from across the levant. Even with that help, many of you peasants played the banjo …
            Remind us – was Plato a Greek Cypriot? Archimedes? Socrates? Not a chance. Akritas? Nope. The “Two Blood Border Lord” refers to his mixed Cappadocian and Arab blood.

            A song has been written especially for you, Akritas. It’s by Lily Allen.

          • Dean

            Well put Hound! I have stopped even bothering to respond to Akritas, At some point you simply have to say many of these guys are racists. You would think everyone would be pleased that these sites were being protected and preserved… but noooo they can even fight about that. I don’t think they understand that they have the exact same DNA.