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Negotiations will end if Turkey violates South’s EEZ: Anastasiades

24 February 2014

North Cyprus News - President_Anastasiades

President Anastasiades has issued the threat that if Turkey continues to violate South Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the South will withdraw from the Cyprus negotiations.

In an interview with Greek weekly newspaper ‘Kathimerini’, relating to the start of the negotiations and developments in energy in the eastern Mediterranean, Anastasiades said he believed that the discovery of natural gas improved the chances of a solution to the Cyprus problem. “Hydrocarbons are a decisive factor,” he said. “Turkey has needs, Israel has needs and Cyprus has needs. By solving the Cyprus issue we open up wide horizons.” However, he emphasised that if Turkey continued to violate the South’s EEZ, he would walk away from the negotiations.

Since the discovery of hydrocarbons offshore Cyprus, Turkey has maintained that some of those waters lie within its own maritime territories and last year began seismic surveys around the island.

Continuing, the president said that the discovery of natural gas in Cyprus’ EEZ had prompted the USA to take a more active role in promoting a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

The USA’s interest “creates a new dynamic, especially if the quantities are such that they replace existing monopolies and the political dependencies they create,” Anastasiades said.


  • albay John

    As usual the greek zone are expecting (and hoping) the talks will collaps,which all the talks do,and they will blame the TRNC side,and of course Turkey. We are happy with the 2 states we have on cyprus,we live in peace and we in the TRNC want to keep it that way. Enough blood has been flowed in the past,time to live in peace.

  • Per Lindberg

    Money talks, averting is about money not about the people. There is a big difference now and in that time there was a war. Many of us have not been there. Ask them which were with how it looked before and after the war.

  • andrew pavli

    Come on guys…how can you talk when you sent warships in forty years ago and now we are entering talks..the largest army in NATO isends the fleet into the waters of the smallest state in Europe that thay have already divided and occuppied.Would the Turks like it if thae Americn fleet sat of Istanbul ready to have a go…

  • maxbarnes

    The man is a plank. Full of excuses & negative on every subject. Can we believe he has any genuine desire to reach a fair settlement for all. He has no vsion.

  • Chloe Kennedy

    Maybe. Or maybe the Turks want to aggravate the Greek Cypriots into doing just that very thing because they themselves don’t want a settlement.
    These talks are fragile and someone has to stand down if there is to be any progress.

  • Altan Houssein

    Looking for an excuse to leave the talks already even before they have started? Surprise, surprise!!

    • Kazan

      Couldn’t have put it better. As usual the pressure is in the GCs and they look for reasons to jump Ship before anything has happened. Just for that they deserve it to happen to test his commitment to these talks.

      • Cyprian

        Same meaningless criticisms from same old people. It is wrong for Turkey on the one hand to engage in talks and also continue to take aggressive stances and violate the other side’s space. What is being said here is actually common sense. It’s interesting to see that both you and Altan totally ignore the rest of the very logical things A is actually saying and you focus on the one thing you both think you can twist to align with your desire that this whole process collapses. You are both hypocrites because you desperately want this process to end but yet you blame the other side for it and criticise. A is highlighting how this time things are different and a solution actually is possible as long as both sides show respect. Turkey using gun boats is not respect.

      • Kyriacos Moustakas

        Turkey, the world champions at false flag operations, are hankering for an excuse to invade Cyprus and to steal Cyprus’s resources. Why else would they have a rust bucket of a boat encroaching Cyprus’s EEZ?
        As for Anastasiades he has a choice, walk away from the talks or deploy an Exocet or two.
        The Russians and Americans are not too far away.
        Let’s see who has the cojones.

    • Cyprian

      Stop your wishful thinking. You are reading what you want to read rather than what is actually being said. As usual.