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Government failing to educate the young on road safety

19 March 2017

North Cyprus News - Traffic-accident

Last week, a 64-year-old man became the latest victim of a road traffic accident in the TRNC.

This latest incident has increased road deaths in the north to one fatality every week. Salih Celal died whilst driving near Salamis and became the tenth victim since the beginning of the year.

Head of the Association for a Traffic Accident-Free Life (TRAKAYAD) Huseyin Sevay, told the Greek Cypriot daily ‘Cyprus Weekly’ that there are still gaps when it comes to educating people on road safety. He added the TRNC government has failed to put into effect road safety education programmes in schools.

We have offered our help on many issues, but it appears that the politicians do not want to listen. Unfortunately, people in the administration seem to have their own interests at heart as opposed to serving the public.”

He added: “It is not enough to become a good driver in the north. The traffic system is so horrible that the smallest mistake on the road may result in the loss of life or a lifelong injury to someone.”

Meanwhile the number of road traffic accidents in the TRNC is around 60 per week.

In December 2016, the Turkish Cypriot community witnessed mass demonstrations over the deaths of two school children on the Kyrenia-Besparmak road when their school bus was struck by a lorry.

Cyprus Weekly


  • Michael John

    It is the same on south side with the young motor bike people these people wrap themselves around a tree @ 170 k .——– a simple safety add on the tv would help .

  • Peter New

    I don’t know what constitutes a ‘Driving Test’ in N Cyprus but suspect that it’s just a paper excercise with little concern about the driver’s ability. This might explain the high accident rate?
    My own experience when I took my ‘well maintained’ car for the compulsory MOT test was at best laughable, at worst potentially dangerous! The only test was a privately sourced emissions test, followed by a trip to the tax office to hand over money, followed by a further trip to the Police Station garage, (where I expected and wanted my car to be fully tested on their ample equipment ) where my car remained totally un-inspected in the car park while a desk bound policeman wrote out my pass certificate!
    I concluded that the compulsory (non existant ) test was just a means of raising money and that is probably what the ‘Driving Test’ is!

    • Akritas

      Well you choose to live in an illegal state so what else do you expect?

      • Kibristan

        The stench of a troll is almost overcoming.

      • Peter New

        Well Akritas, how do I respond to such a patronising, uneducated reply, have I done something to offend you?
        To put things into perspective, I chose to buy a holiday home in N Cyprus, rather than in S Cyprus, for several reasons: North Cyprus is much prettier than South Cyprus and the people are much friendlier. Though my prime consideration some 12 years ago, was that I considered the Turksh Cypriots had been treated extremely badly by the Greek Cypriots and I wanted to do my bit to level the playing field.
        The nature of your response confirms that I made the right decision!

        • Hulahoop

          No need to explain yourself to him Peter. Just read his comments from other posts, he is just a simple racist. Either a young teenager or a bitter old fool.

        • Terry

          Well said Peter akritarse is our resident troll opinions on anything as long as it’s bad. And you are right about the TC being badly treated it’s lovely and sunny in our illegal state.

  • John Grundey

    Plus the fact that 70% of vehicles have no road tax either. What is the Govt doing about THAT?

    • Akritas

      What Govt? Under International Law you live in an illegal breakaway regime shunned by most of the world. Why would an illegal state expect its “citizens” to abide by its rules???

      • Peter New

        Shut up Akritas, you’re boring!

        • Reyntj

          to increase the ploices revenues as well as the hand held speed cameras why dont they simply sit on a roundabout with a camera and film then ticket the 100 % of the local population that never indicate when turning and exiting a roundabout . The locals do not know when to use the indicators and this must cause some if the deaths . They simply never use them .

          • Peter New

            As a regular and frequent visitor to N Cyprus I can only observe and compare what I see with my own, less than perfect country.
            N Cyprus, because of historical consequence, is a very poor country. Yet somehow there are many modern motor cars on the roads. 12 years ago, when I decided to buy a property in N C, I saw very few modern cars and many smoke spewing old bangers on dusty roads. Now the road infrastructure has improved tremendously, along with the motor cars.
            Yet driving skills have not progressed at the same pace and, while ever the solution is limited only to financially punishing bad driving habits, nothing will change.
            The news article refers to lack of education and that is where it should start!

            Professional driving instruction and a competent test procedure along with government vetted checks on insurance, road tax and a proper MOT test should be the basis of road safety. Financial punishment for bad driving should be secondary!

      • Hulahoop

        Looks like Peter has put you in your place hahaha

      • Terry

        I was amused today to find in the international happiness league the TC are 4 places above you GC akritarse. You see it’s much nicer up here and even after all you GC have done to make life hard for us it’s not worked. Mind you if I was to think about it it’s most likely you alone that’s brought the GC down those 4 places. Miserable troll that you are. Hey ho