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Bob Geldof to hold free concert at EMU

20 April 2017

North Cyprus News - Bob Geldof

Rock music legend Bob Geldof and his band The Boomtown Rats will perform at a free concert at the EMU stadium in Famagusta on Friday 21st April. Everyone is invited to attend.

The concert begins at 7.30pm.

The concert is part of the 7th Rock’n EMU event.


  • Can

    Northern cyprus is the most beautiful part of the island enjoy bob

  • maxbarnes

    Thank you to you kind people for allowing us the simple pleasure of seeing Bob in the North.The flat cap will be tugged.

  • Devonian

    Jeepers creepers, Geldof , free concert! … thats because he cant get paid any where else ! .. you would have to PAY me to go see this idiot of a man …

    • mike12

      Är you just plain stupid or just got a low IQ calling Geldorf idiot

  • turkishcypriot

    Lets see how the Greek Cypriots will react to this. I can’t wait.

    • Nicos

      Not an issue as long as you keep electing pro solution presidents. We are a kind people and would not wish to deny you the opportunity of listening to Bob geldofs fantastic music. Enjoy.

      • turkishcypriot

        What a change of heart. Lets hope your administration won’t make any unnecessary noise.

        • Nicos

          No need. There will be enough noise from the concert!

      • Qovaq

        Very magnanimous of you when you can’t change events….lol

        • Nicos

          How can we encourage you to accept a solution with GC majority rule if we don’t allow you to taste the benefits of non-isolation? Bob’s our secret weapon!

          • turkishcypriot

            Obviously you are not in the position to block this event taking place.

          • Nicos

            We’ve blocked many others before. But like i said we are negotiating with a pro solution TC leader so we can turn a blind eye this time.

          • GJo

            Wind it in Nicos……
            I have been reading your comments for some months now and you are a disgrace.
            You and your comments are everything both the South & North can do without. Cyprus needs peace and if possible unification. Cypriots, both Christian & Muslim for the best part are good, hard working people who just want to get on with their lives WITHOUT the poison you spill in your relentless diatribe.
            If you do not have anything positive to say, then simply shut up and say nothing instead of just stirring up bitterness, hate and dissent.
            You are not doing ‘GC’s’ any favours….. quite the opposite, if your representation is anything to go by.

          • Nicos

            Pathetic. If you moaned at the hard-line TC posters u might have some merit. I refuse to be silenced by racist TCs like you who think Apartheid should be accepted in Cyprus. If you think my comments are extreme than your a complete idiot.

          • GJo

            I am not; TC, racist, an idiot and, I am not moaning. I am simply commenting on your pathetic rants and your obvious lack of intelligence or humanity. It is you who is a racist and a bigot, but enough I will not waste any more of my time on you…… you are not worth it.

          • turkishcypriot

            He wouldn’t listen to you even if you tried. You are not in control any more. Bad luck this time.