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Angry Reaction from UK Peer at Kidd’s Remarks on TRNC

1 November 2017


Northern Irish peer Lord Maginnis has tabled a question to the British Foreign Office regarding comments on TRNC independence made by the British High Commissioner in Cyprus Matthew Kidd.

Kidd (main photo), who was speaking at a meeting in Lapta, stated that “An internationally recognised TRNC will be very vulnerable because it would be the smallest country in the EU and because its ability to defend itself would be very very limited”.

Kidd’s statements reportedly provoked an angry reaction from Maginnis (photo left) who, in a written question submitted to the British Ministry, demanded to know “if Kidd was speaking directly on FCO instructions” and if his remarks indicated that “the identity of the Turkish Cypriots is being repudiated” by the UK government. “If not, what disciplinary actions does the FCO intend to take?”, Lord Maginnis asked.

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