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Anastasiades to meet UNSG Antonio Guterres next week

17 March 2017


President Nicos Anastasiades will meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during his trip to New York to attend an investment conference.

Anastasiades, who is the keynote speaker at Capital Link’s ‘Invest in Cyprus’ Forum, will be meeting with the UN Secretary-General during his time in New York next week. Undoubtedly he will discuss the current deadlock in the Cyprus negotiations with Guterres.

The talks came to a halt last month after the south’s parliament controversially voted to commemorate Enosis Day in schools. Until the decision is rescinded, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci refuses to return to the negotiating table.

UN Special Envoy to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide met with both community leaders this week, in an attempt to reignite the talks.

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  • Akritas

    Turkey needs to realise that the world has changed since 1974 & it is no longer acceptable for a UN & NATO member, & for that matter an EU candidate country, to continue to illegally occupy 37% of a neighbouring country on the false pretext of a “Peace” operation that led to mass murder & ethnic cleansing.
    What the TCs are being offered including own constituent state, political equality in Upper Chamber & EU/UN Guarantees is something Turkey will never give to its massive Kurdish minority.
    The TCs are behaving like spoilt children who want to bully the other kids in the playground because they have a big brother!

    • turkishcypriot

      Luckily we do have a big brother. What do you have. Where is your great Ellada to help you out. And for god sake start reading some unbiased history literature and leave this nationalistic biased potions you are holding on.

  • maxbarnes

    Only problem is that the EU will disintegrate in a few years well before or if they allow Turkey in. Those left will be part of a German state so no need for TRNC in EU.

  • MrH

    The talks and a Cyprus Federal solution should now be abandoned until Turkey one day becomes a FULL EU Member state. Anything less puts our Turkish Cypriot nation at risk by the EU. The Greek Cypriots are the Majority people, that’s undeniable, which in turn places our TRNC position at risk. Recognition is unfortunately not part of our vision seeing that Mustafa Akinci never discusses it, therefore, perhaps joining Turkey (seeing that it’s an EU Candidate anyway – hoping that the EU are serious about Turkey joining) as an official Province (not state), thus harmonizing our institutions and direct trade with the world over night. This would also place the ball in the EU Court as to whether they are serious about Turkey’s EU membership, and their true intentions regarding the TRNC and if they really do see us as Equals to the Greek Cypriots, as after the failed promises after the 2004 Annan Plan to the TRNC it certainly has given us the impression that the EU only supports Greek Cypriot interests only. Turkey and the TRNC need to seriously start playing the same politics. If the EU can dismiss the TRNC and the Greek Cypriots continue to deny our Equal representation and basic freedoms of trade and liberties, then we can take similar bold steps until ALL parties see the reality of a Full Two State Solution. The above article is just President Mustafa Akinci bowing and begging for a solution idea demanded by the Greek Cypriots and the EU, with which Turkey is NOT a part or nor a member of!