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21-25 December Struggle and Martyrs Remembrance Week began

22 December 2016

The 21st to 25th December Struggle and Martyrs Remembrance Week began on Wednesday with a wreath laying ceremony at the Martyrs Monument in Nicosia.

President Mustafa Akinci also attended the event, writing in the special book.

We once again remember with respect all of those who lost their lives 53 years ago on the 21st December 1963. You unselfishly sacrificed your lives so that our community could live in peace, freedom and happiness. If we are able to look into the future in these lands in security it is because of your great sacrifices”, Akinci wrote.

The President also wrote that no one wanted new martyrs or missing persons.

We want to establish a good future on this island, one in which future generations can live in peace, happiness, equality, security and prosperity”, he wrote, adding that such a future was only possible on the ground laid by the sacrifices of those martyrs.