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12 Serbian children refused access to TRNC by Greek Cypriot authorities

18 April 2017

North Cyprus News -Larnaca Airport

A group of 12 Serbian children aged between 10 and 13 and their teachers, who arrived on the island via Larnaca to take part in the 23rd April celebrations in the TRNC, have been deported by Greek Cypriot officials.

The incident was condemned by the TRNC and the acting Foreign Minister, the Minister of Labour and Social Security Ersan Saner.

In a statement issued, Saner said that the Greek Cypriot Administration could not even tolerate children taking part in cultural celebrations in the TRNC.

He said that it was impossible to understand the Greek Cypriot side’s actions at a time when the negotiations had entered a critical phase.

It is not possible for us to accept what has been done to the group of children and their teachers. A serious question mark stands as to how we are going to mend our relations with the Greek Cypriot Administration who prevented the children from crossing into the TRNC to take part in children’s day celebrations,” he said.



  • Qovaq

    Even little children are not spared. Many a Turkish Cypriot child would vouch for Greek indifference to children between 1963-1974 if they were alive to speak. Unfortunately, they experienced the mercy of Greeks first hand.

  • TallTulip

    I totally agree with every word you wrote TC

  • Hassman

    Nicos is there no Greek site you can go and play on. We know your upset that your a miserable Greek and you wished you could have been a Turk. Just get on with your life. We the Turkish Cypriot are happy and proud of our heritage. Poor old Greek man never mind.

    • Nicos

      Pathetic. Greek Cypriot sites have many TC posters and no one complains. Your a vile racist who hates the idea of someone exposing your entity for what it is…A racist entity built on ethnic cleansing. I could say a lot worse to you but i might get banned.

  • Raymondo

    Can you imagine at that age how upset they would be terrible actions.

  • maxbarnes

    Usual harassment – it’s in their nature.

  • turkishcypriot

    Who are they going to stop the crossing to North next. Holiday makers or the TCs?

    • Nicos

      Settlement under our terms or real isolation. This is a taster for you. The choice is yours.

      • turkishcypriot

        There is not going to be any settlement. Put this into your little brain. You screwed up very badly with this one. I know you have no credibility, but this is the icing on the cake.

    • Nicos

      Well until 2004 it was the Denktash regime that banned everyone from crossing! When his son ordered the TC barricades removed the GC side reciprocated. The GC barricades can easily be put back if you prefer. Or you can put yours back up. What’s stopping you?

  • turkishcypriot

    Let the EU justify their behaviour.

    • Nicos

      North is a breakaway entity and is not covered by any EU articles or laws. EU has no remit to sanction the lawful RoC over who it bans from entering a breakaway region.

  • Nicos

    Why didn’t they just fly to Ercan airport? Are these Taksim celebrations?

    • turkishcypriot

      So much for your intelligence. You will have to do some reading.

      • Nicos

        I’m not obsessed with your festivals.

        • turkishcypriot

          You must have left your oxford dictionary home. Sorry I forgot you are not interested in true History. What do you think those innocent children would do in the North, spy on you. You are pathetic.

    • Kibristan

      and your point is?

      • Nicos

        If they only came to Cyprus to join a nationalist TC festival why not fly via Turkey? Let me know if this is too difficult for you to understand.

        • Kibristan

          What you need to understand is that you are not an authority to dictate how people travel to wherever they want to go – gadalave?

          However I do understand your difficulty – a brain that is nothing more than a label for something in your anatomy that signals an outburst whenever the hate bile duct is full.

          So, I will make it binary for your nominal brain thingy: do you or do you not accept that it was wrong to turn these children away?

          Come on, quick, before that bile duct fills up again. Little sh*t

          • Nicos

            You honour me with your lame insults. Shows that you are spineless and a loser. Back to the argument…Why should the lawful RoC allow misguided teachers to use children for politics. These persons used the facilities of the RoC to solely attend a hostile enemy festival. No doubt Serbia would not allow Greek Cypriots to cross into Kosovo to celebrate an Albanian nationalist festival! So yes the RoC did the right thing.

          • Kibristan

            oh dear! another troll no less!
            Found you!

            Back to the argument?
            I’ve got news for you

            There is no argument.

            It is not up to you to dictate to anyone.

  • Ozm

    Need we say more. Shocking.